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London part 1

Well, we are finally back!!!  Actually we’ve been back for a while and I’ve been writing this post for a while.  Honestly, there is just so much to say that I don’t know where to start and I kind of … Continue reading

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The proof is in the pudding

And in this case the pudding is in the picture. If you haven’t guessed we made it safely back from our trip to London and Paris.  Jon and Carrie were kind enough to yet again watch Waldo and Chaya.  And … Continue reading

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Suggestions anyone?

There are two things that Chaya is completely fascinated with.  First and foremost is, of course, eating.  She is always on the look out for pita, hummus, bread and whatever else people left behind.  There is no two second rule … Continue reading

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Jerusalem – The Kotel Tunnels and the Mount of Olives

Through our time in Israel we have come to love Jerusalem.  I have been thinking about why we love it so much, and quite honestly it is extremely difficult to explain.  From an architectural perspective the buildings are not grand, … Continue reading

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