Jogging in the Moshav

Rita and I enjoy jogging and it turns out that Sde Moshe is a great place to jog.  It seems like there is an endless amount of trails and farm fields to explore.  We currently have three runs:

  1. Short run (3-4 miles) – This is our shortest and flattest run.  We start in the field behind our house and run out to 353.  We turn around at 353 and head back.  Sometimes we add a few loops around the grape vineyards.
  2. Grapefruit/Hill Run – This is our toughest run, it is about 6.5 miles and has quite a bit of elevation gain.  From our house we run through the Moshav, enter the fields, get chased by the field workers dogs and then continue across 35.  Once we get across 35 we enter the grapefruit fields.  There are 3 hills we ascend and then we turn around and come back. 
  3. Turkey Hill/Angels Forest – This is a longer run (about 7 miles) and has a bit of elevation gain but not as much as the Grapefruit/Hill Run.  From our house we run through the Moshav and cross 6.  From 6 we run across some fields and into the Angel’s forest.  This is a great park that has a lot of trees (rare for the desert).
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