Suggestions anyone?

There are two things that Chaya is completely fascinated with.  First and foremost is, of course, eating.  She is always on the look out for pita, hummus, bread and whatever else people left behind.  There is no two second rule in this house.  Basically, if it hits the ground, it’s gone, and by it, I mean everything and anything.  It includes such goodies as: onion peel, pepper stem, cucumber peel, carrot peel and I can go on forever.  It is nice sometimes to have an indoor compost, very few things go to waste.  I am also proud to say that she’ll never grab anything from the table.  For one, she can’t reach it and she knows there is going to be hell to pay if she does.  We have to lock her in cage while Waldo eats because otherwise she’ll eat both bowls.  For some reason Waldo is not very protective or excited about his food.  Never was.  Before we got Chaya, he never finished his food right away.  He would usually have a snack at 2 in the morning.  Let me tell you, nothing like being woken up by a chewing dog.

Stop reading if you are eating or plan on eating anytime soon.

Her second fascination is poop.  This dog loves everything related to poop.  It’s disgusting.  At first, we were hoping that crap eating was part of the puppy stage and she’d grow out of it.  Oh how wrong we were!!!  Well, now she has a new hobby, looking for poop and rolling in it.  A couple of weeks ago, we went for a run.  Chaya managed to find a pile of crap and roll herself in it.  Dave didn’t see it one her because she happens to be brown…just like poop (coincidence?).  As he tried to put the leash on her, he got it all over his hand.  You should have seen how thrilled he was.  Nothing like getting poop all over your hand and being 5 miles away from your house.  I know, we could keep her on the leash, but it’s nice to have her run around and it’s hilarious to watch her chase birds.  I think she honestly thinks she can get one.  Chaya also loves to find toilet paper on hikes, used diapers and other disgusting things.  Honestly, I don’t know what is wrong with this dog.  How do you wean a dog from poop rolling.  Perhaps, I should google it.  Suggestions are of course encouraged and welcome.

Well, enough about our poop eating child, we love her anyway.  Earlier this week we had a visitor on our window.

IMG_2621 IMG_2623

He was a pretty big one!

And another news report.  We are going on a trip to London and Paris.  We are planning to fly into London spend a few days there and take the train under the English Channel to Paris.  I am super excited, can’t wait!

Our friends Carrie and Jon are watching the dogs, so maybe I should publish the poop eating/rolling post after we come back :).

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  1. Carol Elliott says:

    We had the same problem with Lucky. He would go over to the neighbors pasture and roll in the cow manure. When he got back covered in it Wray would shun him telling him he stunk and to get away from him. Then he would hose him down. Lucky hated that. He doesn’t do it anymore. Hopefully Chaya will grow out of it.

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