Happy 100 Tel Aviv!

Last night Rita and I gathered in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv to celebrate its 100 year birthday.  For us the night was even more special as it is the last time we will be in the city together before I move back to the states next week.  Let me just say this – Tel Aviv certainly did not disappoint us with their celebration festivities.  They had the whole square blocked off, a huge stage set up above the crowd, and put on a phenomenal show.  Rita said that it was probably the best thing she has done in Israel and I agree. 

I am also happy I brought my video camera.  I made a movie of some of the highlights from the celebration.  It is low quality (about 9-10 megs) and only about 10 minutes long.

Good bye Israel.  We will miss you.


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  1. Carol Elliott says:

    WOW! Amazing!

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