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I am working swing shift tonight, so today I got to sleep in until 6:30 and go for a later run.  The weather in Israel is absolutely phenomenal.  It is sunny, but much cooler than normal (in the 70’s).  I am really enjoying late fall here.  Also, all the fields are now green, not brown and some citrus trees are in bloom.  It is very beautiful.

Speaking of weather.  I would really recommend anyone going to Rome to go in late fall.  Yes, it does rain, but it’s not cold rain.  It is more of “spring” rain that stops and starts.  It’s kind of fun to walk the streets of a big city with an umbrella and poke your husband in the eye.  The rain that ruined our camera on the first night of our arrival is very abnormal.   It is much better than blazing heat if you ask me.  Plus, there are less tourists and trust me there are plenty anyway.  I can’t even imagine how crowded it must be in peak season.  The lines are much shorter.  From what we read and heard, it takes about 2 hours of standing in line to get into the Vatican Museum to see the Sistine Chapel, we got right in.  The weather is warm enough to still enjoy the gelatto.

Speaking of gelato…What I am about to say might make you loose all respect for us, if you didn’t already after reading my wine post.  We did our research and went to the best gelatarias and honestly we both decided that McDonald’s soft serve is the best.  I know, I know, we have very sophistimakated taste buds.  The other bonus about McDonald’s is free bathrooms.  Now, we just look for McDonald’s when we travel instead of a bathroom.  They are cleaner and easier to find.

What surprised me the most about Rome?  Well, a couple of things.  First, all the “Rome for Obama” posters we saw.  I want to keep my political views out of this blog, but seriously why are there posters for Obama in Rome?  Why? Something tells me it’s all about fund raising.

Second, all the posters and stickers we saw with the Communist hammer and sickle.  Apparently, Rome has the biggest communist party in Europe outside of former Soviet Union.  It is a very socialist country.

Third, all the beggars we saw.   It’s not so much the amount, but the shape they were in.  These were people that really cannot work.  They are the old, the sick and the fragile.  Yes, there are plenty of beggars in Portland and Seattle, but they are “normally” middle aged and sometimes wear a nicer jacket than me.  Shouldn’t the socialist government be taking care of them?

Besides those couple of negative things, like I said in my previous post, Rome is absolutely breath taking.  I highly, very highly recommend going there.

Ok, I know this is supposed to be an Israel blog, but I have too much to say about Rome.  So I will have have to do another post…I must!  I hope you all don’t mind.

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